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The heroes of the stunning movie, Dinosauri, from Dingo Pictures.


From top to bottom, little bit about each one. They didn’t have names, so I kinda named them.

1. Highno- Weed smoker with a heart of gold. Parent of Bastard. In a relationship with Blue.

2. Spake- The resident singer. He seranades the audience any chance he gets, and is Bastard’s best friend. A romance between them forms in act 3, but (SPOILERS) they decide to just be friends. This will probably be left for the sequel, where they work it out through musical numbers.

3. Seducktive- The narrator

4. Tree- The guardian of Bastard. He does all he can to protect Bastard. Was raised by foliage.

5. Bastard- The main character. Son of Blue and Highno. Goes on an adventure to fix Benedict Cumberbatch’s vibrator. Truly a heartwarming scenario.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch- Actor from Sherlock in his very first role. According to an interview, this was he favorite role. In this movie, the main problem is that his vibrator broke and caused a volcano to explode. The rest of the gang(Him, Tree, Bastard, and sometimes Spake) must go on a journey to fix it. 

7. Blue- Overprotective father of Bastard, loving husband of Highno.

8. Crow- I don’t know why he’s here honestly.

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